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What you need to know before you start

You'll avoid a lot of frustration if you take time at the beginning to get to know Authorware's web-specific features, the nature of the web environment, and how Authorware and the web interact. The things you need to keep in mind when you're creating a piece for the web can be very different from the things you think about when you're creating a piece you're distributing on a CD-ROM.

In "Streaming, Intranets, and the Web," click "Networks, intranets, and the web" to display the topics under it. Read:


Click "Creating an Authorware piece for the web." Read:

Streaming technology
Designing a piece for the web
Download considerations
Web-related functions and variables
Managing content in web-packaged pieces

Click "Making the most of streaming." Read:

Authorware Advanced Streamer
Avoiding trouble
Remedies for common pitfalls
Performance tips for web-packaged pieces

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