Additional Adobe Privacy Policies


Last updated: May 3, 2018


The Adobe Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Adobe’s apps and websites that include a link to the Adobe Privacy Policy (note that we refer to our desktop apps and mobile apps together as “apps”). Some of our apps have additional privacy considerations that we would like to describe in more detail. Please see the privacy policies for these apps below. Note that if an app’s privacy policy describes practices that differ from the general Adobe Privacy Policy, the app privacy policy will apply. Please also see the Adobe Terms of Use and any additional Terms of Use or Product License Agreements that may apply to the app you are using. Privacy-related information may also be provided during your use of an app, such as in a pop-up window or next to a privacy control feature.


Adobe sometimes acquires new companies to expand our business. Some acquired companies may operate under their own privacy policies until we integrate their privacy practices with ours.

The following privacy policies for acquired companies apply until their privacy practices are integrated with Adobe's privacy practices, at which point they will be removed from this list: