Anti-piracy initiative

Reporting software piracy

How can I stop software piracy?

Report it

The best way to prevent software piracy is to report it. To ensure fast communication regarding suspected software piracy in the United States, please use one of the two forms below.

Corporate form

Complete this form if you need to report an organization you believe to be using unlicensed software.

Individual form

Use this form if you are an individual who has been a victim of software piracy, and were sold what you suspect are illegal copies of Adobe products or to report an individual or business offering software in an illegal manner, or offering suspected illegal software.

Educate others

Those who believe they're saving money by pirating software couldn't be more mistaken. Legal and financial penalties, higher administrative costs, and lowered productivity make piracy very expensive. Find out how to educate employees and users about correct software licensing practices.

About privacy

The information you provide to Adobe will be used by its affiliates and certain trusted vendors for the purpose of investigation and seeking remedies on behalf of Adobe and others. Your personal information, provided through these forms and the investigative process, will not be used for any other purpose without your permission, nor will your personal information be shared with anyone else except law enforcement or as may be required by applicable law. For more information, view Adobe's full Online Privacy Policy.