Adobe Pagemaker 7

Rave reviews

“Pagemaker 7.0 is perfect for almost
any type of publication and user.”

-Allen Harkelroad, The Internet EYE Magazine

“PageMaker 7 ... is the best damn desktop publishing program available for the typical SOHO and small-business operation.”

Joe Farace, “An old friend returns,
Computer User, October 2001.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel

“This is an extremely potent program dedicated to page design, whether it is for the worldwide Web or for a newspaper, magazine, or newsletter.”

Mike Berman, “A good desktop publishing program”,, April 9, 2002.


The Internet EYE Magazine

“PageMaker 7.0 is perfect for almost any type of publication and user. Its ease of use combined with the new features make PageMaker 7.0 an all-around useful application. It is perfect for small business and home offices.”

Allen Harkleroad, “Adobe PageMaker 7.0”,
The Internet EYE Magazine, February 1, 2002.

The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

Perhaps the most significant new feature of PageMaker 7.0 ... is its Data Merge capability. Data merge is a practical process that incorporates variable data, such as products names and prices, along with static background image, such as a catalog page template. It is very useful for producing business cards, certificates, catalog pages, direct mail, and other forms of personalized printing.”

The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, November/December 2001.


“In the five days of review before writing, I put the new version through rigorous tests with some of my most problematic files without a crash. PageMaker 7.0 includes a bundle of other goodies including 57 font families with 207 Adobe typefaces, a huge collection of design templates, and a large library of clip art and stock photo images.” Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jim Patterson, Mac Design Magazine, November/December 2001

PageMaker 7.0 is particularly adept at creating Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Index entries and page links are automatically exported, creating a fully indexed PDF in a single step. You can also protect documents with 128-bit password encryption, and embed advanced PDF tags that can, among other things, permit text wrapping within the PDF. This is an important tool for ebook designers. Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chris McVeigh, MacHome, November 2001

Curriculum Administrator

“Although you don't have to be experienced in design to use PageMaker, the program offers more control than you have with automated, Wizard-oriented publishing software.”

Curriculum Administrator, August 2001


“As an upgrade, PageMaker 7.0 makes a lot of sense. It protects your current investment in training and software without forcing you to upgrade all your hardware.”

Alistair Dabbs, MacUser UK, August 2001

“For computer users with older machines, PageMaker 7.0 is perfect as it does not require the processing power and memory that these other programs demand.”

PC Cafe, August 2001

“With the addition of templates, clip art, and photos, PageMaker 7.0 is a logical choice for users who need professional quality output but don't have access to a professional design department or the time and patience to learn a complicated program.”

Tom Nelson and Mary O'Connor,
Smart Computing, October 2001

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