Easily combine PDFs on Windows 10.

Learn how to reorder, organize, and combine PDF files on Windows 10 to make it easier to store, review, and share in the future.

When you work with multiple documents, either on your own or with a team, being able to merge PDFs into one PDF is a great tool. Adobe Acrobat online easily lets you combine PDF files on Windows 10 so that you can have a single cohesive and shareable document. Not only is this a useful way to cut down on the number of files being sent in an email, it also helps you keep track of shared documents. Whether you’re sending it out for review rounds or storage, a single PDF file containing all your documents keeps the work organized.

Merge multiple files into one PDF.

Click “Select files” or drag and drop your documents into the drop zone on the Merge PDFs page on Acrobat online. If needed, reorder the files by clicking on the dotted lines to their left and dragging the selection to the desired location.

Click “Merge.” Once the files are merged, you'll be taken to a page with a preview of your file and the option to “Download” or “Sign in.” After you have your PDF, you can share your file or store it online.

When you combine multiple PDFs into one single file it can help you with both professional and personal pursuits. For example, you might need to:

It’s easy to merge multiple PDFs on Windows 10. Make storing and sharing a breeze — explore everything you can do with Acrobat online services today.