A background design on a tablet, mobile device, and laptop created in Illustrator


Create professional-quality backgrounds for any kind of media.

Make your own fills, textures, patterns, and background images to build stylish desktop and mobile designs.

Not sure which apps are best for you?

Not sure which apps are best for you?

Take a minute. We'll help you figure it out.

Take a minute. We'll help you figure it out.

Give your work the design it deserves.

Turn your logo, photos, or brand colors into a background for your other work and make your work stand out. Integrate your branding and visual style into presentations, websites, and social media posts with the best background design apps in the industry.


Explore background design in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator

Discover background design with Adobe Illustrator.

Design backdrops, desktops, and templates and add personality to any project. Make vector illustrations, abstract background vectors, and amazing textures with the industry’s leading vector graphic design software.

Background design on a mobile device created in Illustrator

Create with the Shape Builder tool.

Make images exactly how you want them. Create fundamental shapes and patterns to your exact specifications.


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Build a custom wallpaper design.

Brighten up your virtual work environment. Bring color and character to your mobile or desktop background.


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Find out what you can do with Adobe Illustrator.

Explore what you can create with Illustrator and seamlessly integrate your custom backgrounds into other Adobe Creative Cloud projects.


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Adobe Express

Make backgrounds in a snap with Adobe Spark.

Get everything you need to make custom backgrounds, desktop wallpapers, and amazing themes with Adobe Spark, the drag-and-drop solution for creating backgrounds fast. Access the Adobe Spark Inspiration Gallery full of professionally designed templates to get started and easily adjust them to create custom backgrounds of your own.

Make backgrounds for free in minutes.

Great backgrounds can happen lightning quick in Spark. Try your hand at creating one.


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Background design in Adobe Express

Make your own Zoom virtual backgrounds.

Take your video calls out of the office and into your imagination with easy-to-make meeting backgrounds.


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Find out what you can do with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark has everything you need to make great backgrounds. Give your work an extra bit of flourish that wows your audience.


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Find the right app to take your design even further.

Make backgrounds and patterns for any occasion with industry-leading tools for graphic designers of any experience level.

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