The best camera settings for shadow photography.

Learn how to take stunning pictures of silhouettes with the perfect camera settings for shadow photography.

Cameras rely on light to take a picture — what happens when you want to photograph a shadow? Here’s how to set up your camera to take incredible pictures of subjects in full shadow.

Capture stark, stylish shadow photos with the right camera settings.

Taking pictures of shadows is all about underexposing your subject. For that, you want to keep the shutter speed fast, ISO low, and aperture closed. It might take some experimentation to find the perfect settings for your style, but these settings are a good place to start:

Shadow photography doesn’t require a flash: While it might help to light up the background, it’ll also light up your subjects. Just leave it at home and work on honing your camera settings.

Adjust shadow photos with photo editing software.

Even with the perfect camera settings, most shadow photography is finished in a photo editor. With photo editors like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, you can adjust the exposure, brightness, shadows, highlights, and more to create the perfect silhouette pictures.

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