Video editing software for Linux.

Editing software is a key component to the production of quality videos. Find the editing features you’ll need to create great videos before choosing a computer OS.

Windows and Mac OS are popular operating systems for professional video editors. Some might use Linux or another OS too. Regardless of the computer operating system you use, the features of your editing software will make all the difference in your ability to get the job done right.

Important features for video editing software.

While every video production shop will have slightly different editing needs, there are a few universally important features. To help make your video editing software selection less complicated, start with this list of “can’t live without” features. After creating a “shortlist” of options, match those against your computer’s operating system to ensure compatibility.

Important features that you should look for in editing software include:

Plus, your final product will likely need to stay within certain time constraints. The ability to automatically adjust speed to fit a specified duration is an important tool.

Remember that your needs will change as you learn new skills and techniques — future proof your editing software selection by considering how you will want to grow in your career. Then, take a moment to learn some new tips and tricks about video editing.

Now that you’ve considered what’s important for your video software needs, explore everything you can do to edit like a professional with Adobe Premiere Pro.