How to add music to a YouTube video.

To create high-impact videos, add music that helps you set the tone and create the emotions you’re going for. Learn more in this helpful guide.

YouTube videos are a terrific way to get your content seen by millions of viewers. When using this popular social media platform, it is simple to upload your videos so everyone can see them. You can create a channel dedicated to your content and build a following of viewers that are interested in what you post. Here we discuss how to add music to YouTube videos.

Follow these steps to add music to a YouTube video.

Capturing compelling storyline shots and interesting B roll is only the beginning of creating a high-quality video. Before you have your content ready to upload, you want to edit your YouTube video by adding music, special effects, and maybe even text. Music is a powerful way to create emotion and keep your audience thoroughly engaged. See below for an example of how to add music to YouTube videos using video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Find the best audio to fit your video content and save it to your computer.
  • Create a project in Premiere Pro and drag and drop your video and audio content into your library.
  • Drag and drop your video onto the timeline.
  • Drag and drop your audio file onto an audio timeline under the video timeline. Use the editing handles to adjust the audio file size to play over the video right where you want it to.

Get more video tips and find new tools that will help you create to your heart’s content. There are always fresh and creative ways to hone your craft. Your new skills will thrill the viewers that subscribe to your YouTube channel. Look into what more you can do with Premiere Pro to edit nearly any video clip with ease.