How to add text to a YouTube video.

A few written words can make a world of difference. Learn how to add text to your YouTube videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say — but when it comes to YouTube videos, text can make them not just easier to follow but also more memorable. Plus, titles at the beginning and end of a video improve its structure. Read on to learn how you can add text to YouTube videos with two different methods.

Use YouTube captions.

First, you can use YouTube’s caption feature. To add captions, open YouTube Studio, choose Subtitles, select your video, add a language, and then click Add under the subtitle options.

Unfortunately, YouTube’s native captions aren’t, from an aesthetic perspective, particularly pleasing. The viewer also needs to turn them on manually, which means they might never even see the captions.

Add text during editing.

The second, and perhaps better option, is to add text to your videos during editing. Not only will the text always be visible, but you can also freely position it. Plus, you can make the color and font match your video style. Add text in editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Open your video project.
  • Select the Type tool and drag a text frame onto your video. You can then type in your text.
  • Edit your text. Select the Graphics panel in the workspace bar and use the options under Essential Graphics to edit your font, text color, size, and more.
  • Animate your text with the options in the Effect Controls panel.

Polish your YouTube videos with text.

There are many reasons to use Premiere Pro’s speech to captions tool to automatically add text to your videos. For example, text can help your viewers better absorb information in tutorials. Many people watch short videos on mobile devices with the sound turned off, and text helps make the video more engaging without audio. It can also fill video white space with another visual element.

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