How to make a YouTube trailer.

Start building your YouTube channel audience with a winning trailer.

Just getting started with vlogging and want to build your YouTube following? Start with a YouTube channel trailer. Introduce yourself, edit together a content preview, and get ready to inspire others.

YouTube trailer tips and tricks.

You want people to do more than just watch your vlog — you want them to subscribe and follow along. Your subscriber numbers directly impact how often your channel is seen and recommended to others. So, it’s important to make a compelling case for yourself.

Consider these tips when making your YouTube trailer:

Use editing as a storytelling tool for your YouTube trailer.

Video editing factors prominently into every step of the YouTube trailer process. For length, editing helps you cut together the most engaging, action-packed segments. For visuals, editing helps you bring out colors and create a unified aesthetic.

Intentional editing goes a long way toward turning your YouTube vlog from a monologue into a compelling story that people want to subscribe to. Explore what more you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to tap into all your editing potential.