At Adobe, we recognize the importance of building a diverse culture not only in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability and age, but also in background, experience and ideas. Adobe connects those with similar interests and passions, promotes inclusion, and creates a healthy, fun and collaborative workplace with the help of our Employee Networks.

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All about AccessAdobe
AccessAdobe supports employees who experience illness, injury, disability, recovery and those who support others who do. We aim to make Adobe a safe and accessible workplace for all employees by promoting mental and physical well-being.
What we do
In addition to bringing together employees to celebrate Disability Awareness Month in October, AccessAdobe also hosts monthly lunch discussions on current events and coping strategies for common challenges. All employees are welcome to voice their opinions and share ideas on how to make Adobe a better place to work for those experiencing an illness, injury or disability.
Hear from a member
“I think the lunches are really helpful. We share anecdotes and I always feel like my spirits are lifted after those meetings.” - AccessAdobe member, San Francisco


All about AdobeProud
The AdobeProud Employee Network is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues and allies. Founded on unity, love, and strength, the group works to protect LGBTQ rights in the workplace, support each other and engage in community events.
What we do
AdobeProud participates in numerous PRIDE events around the world. In 2017, AdobeProud representatives participated in PRIDE celebrations in Lehi, San Francisco, New York, Ottawa, Dublin and Bangalore. In addition, AdobeProud participates in the Lesbians Who Tech Conference in San Francisco.  AdobeProud also raised over $20,000 for LGBTQ charities and advocacy purposes, including enCircle, Trevor Project, SF Aids Foundation and more.
Hear from a member
"AdobeProud is a place for Adobe's LGBTQ employees to engage with our community in a positive and supportive environment so that we can share common experiences and further our mission." - J. Scott Evans, Director, Trademark and AdobeProud Executive Sponsor

Adobe & Women

All about Adobe & Women
The Adobe & Women Employee Network was created for female employees to share experiences, spark dialogue and develop our community of women at Adobe.
What we do
Each year, the Adobe & Women Leadership Summit brings together inspirational thought leaders, Adobe executives and hundreds of employees across the globe for networking and career development. The group also organizes a lunch for its members every month to discuss different issues facing women and to celebrate each other’s achievements.
Did you know?
Adobe was recognized by USA Today as one of 50 Best Companies for Women and by Working Mothers Magazine as one of 100 Best Companies for Moms.

Asian Employee Network

All about AEN
The Asian Employee Network (AEN) is committed to driving leadership and professional development of Asians and Asian Americans, creating networking opportunities to build relationships, and raising the overall awareness/engagement of Asian culture and community.
What we do
This year alone, AEN has hosted a Fireside Chat with our CEO, a Mochi making class, a Lunar New Year celebration, an Asian Community Fair, a Diwali bash, and more! Members also welcomed other Asian employee networks from other local tech companies to Adobe for Bamboo Ceiling, a fun and engaging networking event.
Did you know?
Several AEN members and other Adobe employees enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when they traveled abroad to Vietnam and Cambodia to use their skills to benefit the local communities.

Black Employee Network

All about BEN
The Black Employee Network (BEN) is committed to recruiting, retaining, developing and connecting Black/African American talent at Adobe.
What we do
In addition to monthly meet-ups, the network also sponsors events like our annual Black History Month recipe contest, classes on Hip Hop and traditional African dancing, and performances from groups like the Oriki Theater. This year, BEN also held their very own African Film Festival in San Francisco and hosted the inaugural cohort of Howard West for a tech trek, networking session, and keynotes from our CTO & EVP of Cloud Tech, Abhay Parasnis, and our EVP of Customer & Employee Experience, Donna Morris.
Did you know?
BEN, in partnership with the Corporate Responsibility team, organizes a special day of service across our US sites for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every year.

Hispanic and/or LatinX at Adobe

All about HOLA
The mission of Hispanic and/or LatinX at Adobe (HOLA) is to create a network that advocates for increased diversity and inclusion in Adobe's workplace. HOLA focuses on recruiting, developing and retaining Hispanic and Latino employees within Adobe while increasing social awareness and support outreach efforts in our local Hispanic and Latino communities.
What we do
HOLA hosts and participates in a number of events throughout the year, including the always-engaging Hispanic Heritage Month activities as well as events with Movimiente de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), Stanford Smash, and Conexiones Bay Area Hispanic Employee Resource Group Association. HOLA, in conjuction with Adobe & Women, also supported celebrations which brought Laura Gomez (CEO, Atipica) and Nely Galan (Former President, Telemundo) to speak to our employees.
Hear from a member
“HOLA makes me feel that I belong to a beautiful community that I thought was lost after I migrated to the USA. It makes me feel very proud of our heritage and what we achieve far away from home.” - Paola Gutierrez, International Program Manager

Veterans Employee Network

All about VEN
The Veterans Employee Network (VEN) provides a community forum for all employees who have served, currently serve, or support family members in the military. We are dedicated to helping Adobe veterans leverage their particular skill sets within the company as well as helping improve veteran lives both inside and outside Adobe via hiring and educational events.
What we do
Besides VEN's efforts to celebrate Veteran's Day every year, the network is excited about attending more hiring and educational events. Most recently, VEN had representation at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement conference. The events that members love most are the celebrations of each military branch's birthday with an always-appetizing cake and the singing of the branch song.
Did you know?
VEN is the most diverse network on the diversity council, with members in all of the other employee networks represented.


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