Demonstrating fairness.

We want every Adobe employee to feel they have fair compensation and opportunity. We invest in analysis and transparency to demonstrate that commitment.

How we define parity.

Pay parity

We define pay parity as ensuring that employees in the same job and location are paid fairly relative to one another, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

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Opportunity parity

We coined the term “opportunity parity” to mean fairness in promotions and horizontal movement across demographic groups.

Our journey to pay and opportunity parity.


Our progress.


Pay parity

We have achieved pay parity across the globe and we continue to monitor our progress to ensure that we are creating a culture that fairly rewards and recognizes the contributions of all employees.

global gender

At pay parity between men and women globally.

Data updated September 12, 2019

Opportunity parity

Opportunity parity looks at fairness in internal promotions and horizontal movement across demographic groups. To the best of our knowledge, there isn’t any clear industry standard for how to measure or address opportunity parity. So, as part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are taking on this challenge for Adobe. As a starting point, we evaluated global promotion rate by gender and U.S. promotion rate for white and non-white employees.

Our global promotion rate was 13.6 percent for women and 13.9 percent for men.

Our US promotion rate was 13.2 percent for non-white employees and 13.5 percent for white employees.

*Data source: FY19 through end of Q3 (August 30, 2019)


The Next Diversity & Inclusion Challenge

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