Free online vlog maker.

Adobe Express online editor lets you easily make stunning vlogs with drag-and-drop editing tools and features. No experience required.

Free online Vlog maker.

Adobe Express online editor lets you easily make stunning Vlogs with drag-and-drop editing tools and features. No experience required.

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Entice viewers with a trendy Vlog made in Adobe Express.

Whether you’re an experienced content creator or just starting out, Adobe Express lets you create on-trend Vlogs with easy-to-use video editing tools. And you don’t need to start from scratch – from a bold and bright template to one that’s sleek and fitting for your professional needs, Adobe Express has tons of free, customizable Vlog templates fit for any niche or occasion. Upload your footage, trim or crop scenes, add a unique soundtrack, and branded assets like a logo or color scheme. Within minutes, you'll have a captivating Vlog that’ll entice viewers to subscribe. No experience needed.

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How to make a Vlog.

Edit Vlogs effortlessly with powerful Adobe tools on your side.

Split, trim, & crop footage.

Cut down excess Vlog footage with ease.

Easily resize videos.

Turn your Vlog into a reel, story, square post, & more in one click.

Animated transition effects.

Add one-tap animated transition effects to any element in your project.

Adjust video playback speed.

Select your footage to speed scenes up or slow them down.

Edit videos with others.

Invite other people to co-edit the same video project at the same time.

Download, save, & share.

Download your video and upload it to your favorite platform or share it as a link.

Schedule content on socials.

Use the Adobe Express Content Scheduler to plan & publish videos on your favorite channels.

Video filter effects.

Apply one-click filter enhancements or tweak the look and feel of videos with the Adjustments menu.

The all-in-one online editing app for creators.

Make any kind of content for your social channels.

Easily convert your Vlog to fit the video ratios of any platform.

Adobe Stock images, videos, & soundtracks at your side.

Thousands of high-quality, royalty-free visual assets on your side.

Professionally designed free Vlog templates.

Find tons of ready-to-use Vlog templates for any occasion.

Showcase originality with a unique vlog intro.

Adding an intro scene can increase your viewers and earn you a reputation for delivering high-quality vlog content. And it can be done in minutes with Adobe Express. To help viewers easily recognize who you are and what to expect from your channel, apply your logo, color schemes, and preset fonts to your intro. Don’t have a logo to add to your intro? Adobe Express free logo maker lets you easily generate your own in seconds.

Bring your vlog to life with music.

When there are no words, there is music. Whatever mood you’re feeling, Adobe Express has a tune that fits the vibe. Upload your own favorite tracks right into the Adobe Express online editor, then edit the length, duration, or scene that you want to place your audio. Or, choose from tons of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks of various genres and moods that suit your vlog best. No experience needed.

Frequently asked questions.

Why should I make a Vlog?
Vlogs are an excellent way to build a stronger relationship between you and your viewers. It gives them a more accurate glimpse at what your channel or content is about and helps to bring a feeling of personal connection between you, your brand, and your viewer.
Which browsers does Adobe Express support?
You can run Adobe Express in your favorite web browser. For the best video editing experience on Adobe Express, we recommend keeping your browser updated.
How do I add music to my Vlog?
To add music to your Vlog, select Media at the left of the online editor, then click on the Audio tab. Hit “Upload from device” to upload your own music from your computer or browse our wide collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks to add to your video project.
Should I add an intro to my Vlog?
Most content creators start off their Vlogs with a branded intro because it helps viewers easily identify who they are from the start. It’s also a great way to greet new viewers and let them know what to expect from your channel or brand at first glance. To stand out, we recommend you add music, an introduction, and a personalized logo to your video, with can all be done in Adobe Express.
Do I need video editing experience to use Adobe Express?
All skill levels can easily create Vlogs and other social content on Adobe Express. Our beginner-friendly app is simple to use, so all skill levels can easily make Vlogs, explainer videos, intros, and so much more without any editing experience. Drag and drop your favorite icons, text, images, and so much more to your video template of choice – in minutes, you’ll have a standout Vlog ready to go.
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