Celebrating 25 years of making the cut.

Thanks to everyone who’s made Premiere Pro the world’s most popular digital editing tool. And to the next generation of filmmakers and storytellers — we can’t wait to see where Premiere Pro will take you.

Celebrating 25 years of making the cut.
  • Premiere Pro anniversary highlights
  • 25 years of editing innovation.

    From YouTube to Hollywood, TV to the Sundance Film Festival, Premiere Pro has transformed the way we create film and video. See where Premiere started and how it's evolved through the years.

  • Major moments in Premiere Pro history.

    Premiere Pro has come a long way since its introduction 25 years ago. Today, editors can easily work with any media type — from videos shot on mobile phones to 8K, HDR and virtual reality — and export to almost any platform. Take a look back at Adobe editing technology firsts and Premiere Pro milestones.

  • History of Premiere Pro

Here's to making it with Premiere Pro.

“What we need in an editing package is really an uninterrupted flow between the idea and the output....With this system it’s pretty clean and fast to get from ‘This is what I want’ to ‘There it is.’”
— Tim Miller, director, Deadpool
“Even in the middle of editing, the director would ask us to create and add new footage to a scene, and Adobe Premiere Pro let us easily add in various footage in multiple formats without any hassle.” 
— Atsuki Sato, visual effects supervisor, Shin Godzilla
“Premiere Pro is a lot more flexible than any other platform, any other system we’ve worked on before....There’s just a lot more capability and flexibility in terms of integrating and actually accomplishing visual effects.”
 — Joel and Ethan Coen, Hail, Caesar!
Get started with Premiere Pro
Get started with Premiere Pro.
Premiere Pro is part of Creative Cloud and integrates with After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and many other great apps so you can stay in the creative zone and keep your projects on track. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we've got hundreds of tutorials to help you to take video production to the next level.
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