Innovating beyond our day‐to‐day.

Our culture of exploration inspires creative thinking, effective problem solving and one-of-a-kind programs that make things work better throughout our business and within our communities.
Beyond our day‐to‐day
Honoring creative individuals

Empowering creative individuals.

At Adobe, we think creative visual content is essential to human culture. So in 2015, we established the Adobe Creative Residency — a program that gives two talented artists the opportunity to focus on a personal creative project for one year, and to share their work and discoveries with the creative community.

Unleashing innovation.    

A six-step innovation process that comes packaged in a bright red box, Adobe Kickbox helps individual employees develop ideas for new products and services. When word got around, Adobe open-sourced Kickbox for any company to use.
Unleashing innovation
Enhancing the employee experience

Enhancing the employee experience.   

In 2012, Adobe’s senior vice president of Global People and Places, Donna Morris, decided to replace the underperforming annual performance reviews with ongoing employee check-ins. The result? Voluntary attrition dropped substantially as employees felt more nurtured and managers felt more empowered.

A window into Adobe Labs.

Sneaks demonstrations are insider peeks at the ideas and technologies percolating inside Adobe Labs. Get a closer look at the people and technology behind Adobe Sneaks. 
Peek behind Sneaks
Doing our research
Interactive 3D Face Stylization Using Sculptural Abstraction. Jachnik, J., Goldman, D., Luo, L., Davison, A. (Feb 6, 2015)

Doing our research.

The people who are part of Adobe Research explore and invent technologies that amaze and delight. Their breakthroughs today shape the experiences of tomorrow.  
Jeff Chien, Sr. Principal Scientist



A passion for invention.

As Adobe’s cofounders often say, “Good ideas come from everywhere in the company.”
Jeff Chien, senior principal scientist and one of our many employee inventors, has developed 51 patents that have made Adobe Photoshop the powerhouse image editor it is today.