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Technical positions

You may be wondering: "What kind of job can I get as a recent college graduate? What skills are you looking for?"

To answer those questions, we've put together a short list of sample technical positions. Scroll through and see if your interests and skills match our needs. If so, send us your resumé. To be considered for our 2007-2008 new graduate positions you must be graduating December 2007 through June 2008. We will begin our new graduate recruiting in the fall. Please check back with us at that time.

Note: This is a sampling of types of positions New Graduates have the ability to apply for. As a New Graduate, click here to Submit Resume and select College New Graduate. Your resume will then be reviewed against our current openings. As a recent grad, you don't have to apply for a specific position. Just send us your resumé, and we will match your skills against our current openings.

Desired degrees & majors:

BS/MS/PhD in CS, Mathematics, Computer Engineering, or similar technical majors with programming experience.