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New masking and tracking features — including a free-draw Polygon Pen tool — make it easy for video editors to blur out faces, logos, license plates, or anything else throughout a scene. See how it works

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Plays well with After Effects.

Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are more tightly integrated to speed up your workflows. Edit text in After Effects compositions right inside Premiere Pro, and share tracked masks and other assets between the two apps via Dynamic Link. See how it works

No transcoding. No rewrapping. No, really.

Edit virtually every major video format natively in Premiere Pro, including GoPro H.264, ARRI AMIRA, Sony SStP, Canon RAW, and CinemaDNG media. Plus, use Adobe Media Encoder to transcode to high-performance GoPro CineForm with smart rendering. See how it works

Cause a ripple effect.

Add a color corrector or any effect to a master clip and have it ripple through every part of that clip in your sequence. New Timeline indicators make it easier to see and navigate master clip effects. See how it works

Premiere Pro and A cloud shape from the letter C repeated and rotated. Creative Cloud

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  • One-click updates

    Stay up to date with instant access to new Premiere Pro features as soon as they're released. See what’s new
  • Sync settings

    Sync your preferences, keyboard shortcuts, presets, and libraries across multiple computers. See how it works
  • On-the-go video editing

    Easily edit iPhone and iPad videos with Adobe Premiere Clip, a new mobile app that integrates with Premiere Pro. See how it works
  • Built-in training

    Sharpen your skills with hundreds of tutorials for every experience level, available in a browser or on your iPad. Get started
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