Adobe supports meaningful government policies worldwide.

Adobe recognizes that government action has a big impact on our customers and employees as well as the global community. That’s why our Public Policy, Accessibility, and Ethical Innovation Team engages with public officials worldwide, providing valuable insight and expertise on policy issues that directly impact both our company, customers, and the software industry.

Priority Public Policy Areas

Creativity for All
We promote educational advancement and creative upskilling.

We believe everyone is creative and has the right to share their story, which will create a richer world for all of us. Through education and our creative tools, we can empower students and life-long learners to use digital tools to solve problems, produce innovative projects, communicate ideas and prepare for an increasingly digital world. We know we can’t accomplish our mission alone and that’s why we believe advocacy for creative skills and digital literacy is so important. 

Technology to Transform
We work to address the digital divide.

As one of the world’s most innovative software companies with products that touch billions of people, we must take the impact of our technology as seriously as the development of the technology itself. As we continue to bring transformational technologies to market, we are committed to advancing the responsible use of technology for the good of society. Our policy team advocates for strong policies to improve areas such as Content Authenticity, AI Ethics, Privacy & Security and digital modernization.

Adobe for All
We believe that everyone deserves equal treatment and opportunity.

We are committed to advocating for policies that further equity and advancement, including improving immigration policies, accessibility, diversity and inclusion. Through our Adobe for All mission, we launched the Taking Action Initiative deepen our engagement with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and we advocate for increased federal investment. 

Environment and Sustainability
We practice sustainability in our products, operations and partnerships.

We are committed to reducing our operational footprint, developing digital products that enable our customers and communities to drive positive environmental impact and working with our peers, partners and employees to foster a culture of sustainability. We have demonstrated leadership in energy efficiency and renewable energy practices. We support legislation that would advance climate and clean energy measures, including efforts to address building code standards. 

Adobe belongs to or partners with a number of public policy associations across the globe. View associations ›

Adobe belongs to and provides direct support to nonprofits and employee-led programs. View our corporate responsibility program ›

Government Relations and Public Policy Disclosures

Our Public Policy, Accessibility, and Ethical Innovation Team engages with government officials worldwide, providing valuable insight and expertise on policy issues that directly impact both our company and the software industry as a whole. While we engage in government advocacy, Adobe does not currently have a political action committee (PAC) and Adobe does not use corporate resources to fund elections. For more details on our political spending, please review our Corporate Responsibility Reports.

Lobbying Disclosure Filings
Adobe discloses information on our federal and state lobbying activities. Our most recent federal lobbying disclosures are listed on the U.S. Senate lobbying disclosure database and U.S. House lobbying disclosure database. 

Adobe Code of Business Conduct
Integrity has always been at the heart of Adobe’s culture. While our business has transformed dramatically over the decades, our core values and commitment to operating with the highest ethical standards worldwide have remained constant. Adobe participates in public policy development and the political process in compliance with all applicable laws and reporting requirements, and we encourage our employees to do the same.


Our Public Policy, Accessibility, and Ethical Innovation Team reviews and analyzes Adobe’s political activities regularly and engages with insight from our senior management team. All policy expenditures and external engagement from associations are vetted by the VP of Public Policy, Accessibility, and Ethical Innovation.  

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