Adobe supports socially meaningful policies worldwide.

In the new digital age, public sector decision-making must complement private sector innovation in order to help foster economic growth and enhance citizens’ lives. Adobe recognizes that government action in consumer privacy, data security, and education has a big impact on our customers and employees as well as the global community. That’s why our Government Relations team engages with public officials worldwide, providing valuable insight and expertise on policy issues that directly impact both our company and the software industry as a whole.


Policy issues we care about:

Investing in a dynamic workforce.
Our employees are our greatest asset.

We believe that our global workforce of nearly 14,000 employees represents the best and brightest, and we strive to create a diverse and creative work environment that drives innovation and fosters career and personal satisfaction. Our commitment to inclusive business practices and comprehensive employee benefits has led to Adobe’s recognition as one of the world’s best places to work

Improving access to online resources.
We’re working to tackle the digital divide.

The Internet helps connect, educate, and empower people around the globe, but not everyone has equal access to this valuable resource. Adobe supports government policies designed to expand online classroom connectivity, increase product accessibility, and promote greater diversity within the STEM community — across early education, career and technical education, and professional development. Innovative ideas paired with cutting-edge technology yield enormous opportunities for students, which is why we support the teaching of art and design in tandem with conventional science and math curriculums. 

Enhancing digital government.
We support next-generation technology solutions for the 21st century.

In our view, governments shouldn’t just regulate emerging Internet technologies — they should also use them to better deliver services, manage content, and provide compelling experiences for citizens. We encourage government cooperation with the private sector to adopt open standards, creative workflow solutions, and data-centric security so agencies can operate and engage more efficiently. 

Making data protection a priority.
All citizens deserve trustworthy stewardship of their data.

Privacy, trust, and accountability are fundamental to the protection of data. As responsible data stewards, we strive to honor customer choice, provide transparent user notice, and employ vanguard security protections in our products and services. Users’ personal online communications deserve constitutional protection and should be subject to digital due process — and we support government legislation that reflects these same values. 

Growing the digital economy.
We believe in integrated markets and integrative solutions.

Today’s consumers and businesses expect real-time access to their content and data from anywhere on any device. We believe government policies should encourage the use of cloud-based platforms, because they help individuals, SMEs, and corporations fully participate in and benefit from the digital economy. We also believe that intellectual property protection, competitive tax policies, and transparent market regulations are critical to the success of domestic business. And we support trade agreements that help improve market access, harmonize regulations, facilitate seamless cross-border data flows, and foster greater international cooperation.

Making a social impact.
We want to create positive links between business and society.

Companies can and should work to inspire meaningful change in the world. From sustainability efforts that span our products and workplaces to our investment in youth initiatives, we’re constantly searching for and implementing the most creative and forward-thinking solutions. As corporate global citizens, we also remain committed to an international human rights agenda founded on integrity, equality, and dignity for all.


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Government Relations team


Jace Johnson
Vice President, Government Affairs and Public Policy
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Julie Babayan
Senior Manager, Global Public Policy 

Lisa Lindgren
Global Government and Public Policy Communications 

Kate Brightwell
Senior Manager, EMEA Government Relations

Matt Schrader
Director, U.S. Federal Government Relations

Lauren Tarde
Associate, U.S. Federal Government Relations 

Anne Perkins
Senior Manager, State Government Relations 

Nick Gatz
Manager, State Government Relations

Jennifer Mulveny
Director, APAC Government Relations 

Grace Zhang
Senior Manager, APAC Government Relations 

Rohan Mitra
Senior Manager, India Government Relations 

Mihoko Nishijima
Senior Manager, Japan Government Relations


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