How to organize tasks at work with a to do list.

Learn how to work smarter (and not harder) with the help of a daily work to do list.

Sometimes work to do lists are just a reminder of how much we aren’t getting done. But when we streamline our to do lists, they can actually be a reminder of how much we’ve accomplished. Check out these helpful to do list tips to get more done at work each day.

Develop a hierarchy.

Start by writing down everything you need to do for work. You can do this in an Excel sheet, in an app, or even on a piece of paper.

Once you’ve jotted everything down, think about how you’ll organize it into a hierarchy. This helps you decide when to schedule and complete a given task. Here are some ways to keep track of tasks at work:

Make checking your list a habit.

Once you’ve created your to do list, the next part is making sure you use it. The more you rely on your checklist, the more effective it will be. So check your list often and always cross off items as you complete them. This keeps your list accurate, and it will help you feel a sense of accomplishment in your work life.

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