Customize invitations for your event.

You can find tons of fun and creative invitation templates online. Learn how to customize them, plus discover new ways to send them out.

When planning an event or party, the details are important. Before your guests show up, you want them to know what to expect. The invitation you send to your guests gives them all the information they need and sets the tone for the occasion.

A quick search online will find thousands of invitation PDF templates. You can easily customize many of these templates with the details of your affair.

Send custom invitations using text or social media.

We live in a fast-paced world. You don't always have time to mail an invitation to your guests. Sometimes, even email is too slow. If you want your guests to see their invitation right now, send it using text message or post it on social media. You'll need to convert your customized PDF invitation to an image file to do this.

It’s easy to customize invitations and convert them from PDF to an image file for texting or posting. Follow these simple steps:

  1. After you’ve found and downloaded that perfect PDF invitation template, you can customize it using Adobe’s online PDF editor.
  2. Once you’ve customized the invitation for your event, convert it to an image file using Adobe’s PDF to image conversion tool.
  3. Now you’re ready to send your customized invitation using text message or post it on your social media channels.

With modern cloud-based tools, it couldn't be simpler. Find the invitation you like, add the details for your event, and send it out to your guests. You can print the PDF for special hand delivery, email it, or convert it to an image file for texting and posting.

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