Your business plan overview needs these items.

Learn how to use PDFs to customize your own business overview template.

Are you working on your business plan and don’t know where to start? Well, you can consider your business overview as a first step. Think of a business overview like an introduction to your business, or like an About page on a company website. Why does it exist? What does it do? Who runs the operation? How does it work? Why should customers and partners care?

Your business overview can be a part of your business development plan, or a standalone document that helps guide your business operation. Learn more below about what should be included in your business overview, and how to easily set up a PDF template to make your life a whole lot simpler.

Your business overview template checklist.

Your business overview should include a few core components. Think through the following while you’re putting together your business overview template:

Start your business.

Explore how you can create and collaborate on customized PDF business overview templates for your business with Adobe Acrobat. You can also easily convert files to PDF (such as Excel to PDF), create fillable PDF forms, and send to team members for collaboration.