Resolve your software activation issue


Unfortunately, the serial number you’re using to activate or reactivate your software is not valid and has been blocked by Adobe.


What can I do? 


Invalid serial numbers are likely the result of using non-genuine software. You can quickly resolve this problem by purchasing genuine Adobe software.

Only genuine software gives you ongoing access to the latest features and updates so you can avoid performance snags and malware risks.

To purchase genuine Adobe software, visit the Adobe choose a plan page or Contact us.




Why did this happen?


You may have received one of the following messages when you tried to activate your software:


  • Invalid serial number
  • The serial number you have entered is revoked
  • The serial number you have entered is invalid

If so, the serial number you’re using is fraudulent and was issued by an unauthorised seller of counterfeit software or the serial number was never issued by Adobe.


Unfortunately, you may only discover the software you’re using is non-genuine when you try to re-activate or reinstall it.


Adobe works hard to protect customers by actively pursuing unauthorised sellers so they don’t continue to mislead our customers.


For more information about Adobe Genuine, visit our FAQ.