The Adobe software you're attempting to install is not genuine.  

If you entered a serial number and received an error like the images below, the Adobe software you're attempting to install is not genuine or not properly licensed. When Adobe detects fraudulent serial numbers and product keys, they are immediately deactivated. Any future attempts to install or reinstall software with this key will fail.  
Message you may have received during installation.


 If these scenarios sound familiar, your Adobe Software is not genuine.

Non-genuine Adobe software can be obtained unknowingly in a number of ways.
We’re reaching out to provide helpful information and flexible, secure solutions.
Purchased it from an unauthorized reseller.
Software can be bought as a physical CD, or digital download from online resellers that appears to be genuine, but is not.
Acquired pirated or stolen software.
This software may have been obtained illegally from torrent sites offering cracked software or serial number generators.

Obtained from the original purchaser.
You may have been given this software for work or as a gift from someone who unknowingly purchased an illegal copy.


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Once I got the product it seemed legit—until I installed it. I installed it, opened the program, and it told me the code I entered was invalid and I needed to purchase a new one! What? So I went back to the website and lo and behold ALL of the software and any reference to it was gone—along with the seller who was selling it!


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Your information is secure.

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14 day money-back guarantee.

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No hidden costs.
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24-hour convenience.

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