Five creative ideas for your next photoshoot

Give these ideas a try and add some variety to your next photoshoot.

Sometimes the most eye-catching shots can come from the simplest of techniques. Create memorable and Instagram-worthy images easily with these cool photoshoot ideas.

Five fun and creative ideas to try.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, breathe new life into your photoshoots with these striking techniques.

  1. Revisit your subject over time: Take a series of timelapse shots over a day, a week or even a whole year, and see how time, light and weather conditions transform your subject. Experiment with portraits or landscapes, or even record your child as they grow.
  2. Play with shadows and reflections: A skilled photographer always pays attention to light to capture the perfect shot. But sometimes, the most interesting images come from indirect or even no light at all. Look out for abstract reflections from water or mirrors or the dramatic shadows cast by your subject. By seeking out unusual viewpoints, you can create surreal and atmospheric images.
  3. A study in colour: Challenge yourself by showcasing colour in your photos. Explore a range of shades or transform everyday objects with filters and layers when editing. If you’re a landscape photographer, rolling fields of green or a fiery sunset can produce a spectacular palette.
  4. Drill down to detail: Explore a new world in miniature with macro photography. Everyday objects, flowers and insects come alive when seen up close. Experiment with lighting and focus and put your smallest subjects on the centre stage.
  5. Add a sense of fantasy to your work: With double exposure photography you can create remarkable and mysterious images with some simple edits in Lightroom or Photoshop. By layering multiple shots, you can bring movement into your photographs or superimpose landscapes and portraits together and create dramatic and mystical works of art.

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Once you have your shots, creative editing can bring them to life. Play with light and shadows, boost or transform colours, and bring focus to the smallest details. See what you can do with the powerful tools available in Lightroom and Photoshop.