A photo of a person floating in the sky above the ocean.


Photoshop ideas to spark your creativity.

Discover how Adobe Photoshop can bring any creative vision to life.

What you can do in Photoshop

  • Photo editing: Make collages, retouch portraits, cut out images, remove backgrounds or apply vintage effects.
  • Design: Create 3D text for a memorable flyer, make stunning poster and album artwork or design customised fonts.
  • Painting and drawing: Draw or paint with digital brushes that mimic almost anything from charcoal pencils to oil paints.

Discover your capabilities in Photoshop.

Maybe you want to brighten family photos with light effects. Or design a professional-looking logo for your new business. Or make a cool poster for your band’s next show. From creative photo editing to digital art, Photoshop can unlock any visual project’s potential.  

Get inspired.

Check out Photoshop tutorials and videos from other creators to see where your next design adventure can take you.


  • Behance
    Adobe’s own social media platform is designed for creators of all kinds to showcase their projects and talk about their work. With art from over 24 million users, experts and beginners alike can always discover something new.
  • Adobe Help Center
    This searchable guide is home to step-by-step tutorials and explainer videos for all of the tools and functions in Photoshop.
  • Discover panel
    Check the Discover panel in the Photoshop app to find tips, video tutorials and workflows to help you to work smarter. The panel automatically recommends lessons for you based on your skill level and the tools you’ve used.
A photo of a camping tent at night. The sky is full of stars.
A photo of a camping tent at night. The sky looks otherworldly.

Explore Photoshop ideas.

Retouch and edit photos.

Make your pictures perfect with tools for retouching photos. Remove distractions from the background of an image using the Content-Aware Move tool, which automatically fills in the empty space left behind with matching elements from nearby.


Turn grey clouds into blue skies with the AI-powered Sky Replacement Neural Filter. Or use the Skin Smoothing Neural Filter to remove facial blemishes.

Get painterly.

Follow in the footsteps of the old masters without ever touching a canvas. With customised Photoshop brushes, you can create the look and texture of any classic art style, from watercolours to spray paint. Paint your vision stroke by stroke or apply a painting effect to an existing photograph, then experiment with different texture styles.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Sci-fi graphic art of a person and their spaceship landing on a planet.

Go retro.

Take your subjects back in time. Apply a retro filter template to create a vintage photo effect or make your own filter by creating an adjustment layer and fine-tuning the saturation and contrast until the image looks like a real throwback. Add a Noise filter to apply a film grain texture to your image and complete the vintage vibe.

Use your words.

Make a statement with your typography. Explore thousands of trending, licensed typefaces available through Adobe Fonts. Then apply effects to the text layer to give your words a gradient, drop shadow, fine embossed texture or any other modification. When you find a text effect you want to use again and again, you can create a Photoshop Action to remember it so you can apply it with a single click next time. 

A photo of a person with a glitch effect.
A double-exposure photo of a person with a blur effect.

Glitch out.

Create cool glitch art with scan lines, tracking errors, static and all the other hallmarks of the VHS era. With RGB channels you can pull apart an image’s colours to mimic the harsh colour effects of a TV set on its last legs. Use a double exposure effect to make different images bleed into one another or open the Distort menu and choose from a variety of options to make your picture more pixelated, fuzzy and broken.

A travel photo collage.

Craft collages.

Bring together multiple images to tell a story or celebrate a memory. Place one image on top of another as a new layer, then use a layer mask to select the places where you want the image underneath to show through. Repeat this process with each new photo or stock image you add to create a compelling collage for social media, an invitation or a scrapbook.

Have fun.

Play, experiment and let your creativity run wild. Apply a Liquify filter to morph your image like wet clay and create a trippy effect. Use the posterise option to transform a photo into a cartoon creation. Play with Colourise filters to change the hue of a picture. Your only limitation is your own imagination.         

Do it all in Photoshop.

Whether you’re making a mockup for a marketing presentation or pixel art to hang on your wall, you can use Photoshop to make a picture out of whatever you’re picturing. Whatever you want to do, you can find inspiration and tutorials to help you to get started.

Adobe Photoshop

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