These aerial images have grown in popularity due to the relative affordability of drones. Before drones, a photographer’s only option for aerial photos was to hire an aircraft, which gets expensive fast. Drones have made aerial shots exponentially more accessible. “With drones, you can now get a multithousand-dollar shot for $1,200 plus a $150 pilot’s licence. They’ve given filmmakers and photographers perspective no one else can get,” photographer David Green explains.

“You can see patterns and formations you didn’t know were there.”

Make your photos stand out.

To make your photos stand out from the current influx of drone photos, you’ll need to be deliberate. “The best drone shots take advantage of the unique compositions you wouldn’t get [otherwise], while adhering to the principles for what makes a great photograph,” says Schwindt. Thoughtful composition and consideration of light will take a photo beyond the initial aerial-view “wow” factor and make it a quality photo in its own right. “You have to understand why you’re using it,” says videographer Dominic Duchesneau. “Ask yourself: ‘What is it doing to add to the story I’m trying to tell?’”


Try using Google Earth to scout your location so you can start planning what kind of photos you want to get. Look at other photographers’ work or photos taken at the same location. This can help you to visualise the scene before you take flight. You can also collect inspiration from Adobe Stock photographers working above the power lines.

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