Best export settings for Premiere Pro.

With so many options, it’s not always easy to figure out which settings to use when exporting video. Learn how to use the best export settings for Adobe Premiere Pro to make your project look and sound great on any platform.

Video export settings.

Finding the best export settings for Premiere Pro is all about striking a balance between quality and playability. If the quality is too high, it will be difficult for your viewers to stream it over a regular internet connection.

In general, these are the best video export settings for most applications:

Before exporting, make sure you pick the right aspect ratio for the platform you’re going to be using. For example, most videos look best with a width of 1920 and a height of 1080 — or a 16:9 aspect ratio.

However, if you’re uploading a story to Instagram, for example, it’s best to reverse those two numbers to play on vertical screens.

Audio export settings.

Visuals aren’t all that matter in a great video. You need audio, too. Here are the best audio export settings to make your video sound as good as it looks:

In addition to these export settings, you should also check the Export Video and Audio and the Use Maximum Render Quality options.

Export Video and Audio does exactly what it says: it exports both the video and audio elements together to keep your project synchronized.

Use Maximum Render Quality simply tells Premiere Pro to not compress the file too much. It might take a little longer to export, but your viewers will appreciate the difference.

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