Add a lens flare photo effect to give your images an artistic edge.


In just a few clicks you can add a lens flare filter or light leak effect to any photo with our free online photo editor.

Use this Adobe Photoshop overlay to add light leaks to any photo, any time.

How to add lens flare in Adobe Photoshop Express.

upload image

1. Upload your JPG or PNG image.


2. Select the Lens Flare effect.


3. Align the overlay and adjust the intensity of the filter.

download image

4. Download your image.

Adjust and position the lens flare.

Traditionally, lens flare happens when a sun ray or bright light source hits your camera lens and scatters, creating a starburst effect. Now you can apply it in a click, adjust the brightness using a slider, and move the light leak to suit your subject.

Rainbow image with lens flare effect

Try a vintage sun flare effect.

Layer the Lens Flare effect with the Vignette filter to get an analog camera aesthetic. Adjust both effects to transform your digital image into a retro snapshot.

Desert vignette effect photo with light leaks

Make quick, creative edits.

Position and move the light flare around the photo for creative effect. And use other high-quality editing tools available in the photo editor such as Crop, Resize, or Touch Up to give your image a little extra polish.

Rock formation photo with intense sun flare effect

Ready to apply a light leak overlay?