How to write a bill of sale for a truck.

Learn what to include when you write a bill of sale for a truck. Whether you download a pre-built one or create your own, having the right bill of sale to sign will ensure a swift and smooth transaction.

A bill of sale is a document that records transaction details. Typically used in private vehicle sales, a bill of sale transfers ownership from the seller to the buyer. Both parties keep a copy for tax purposes, proof of purchase, and transfer of title.

What to include on your truck’s bill of sale.

When you write a bill of sale for a truck, it’s important to have the following information on hand. Make sure to include:

Review your local laws beforehand as some states require that a new buyer bring along the bill of sale when registering the truck or transferring the title.

Writing your truck’s bill of sale.

After you’ve collected the details, it’s time to create a cohesive document. A versatile digital document and e-signature software makes it easy for sellers to create their own bill of sale for trucks and other vehicles. Here are two convenient ways to start:

Prepare your truck’s bill of sale ahead of time — before meeting up to sign and hand over the keys to the buyer. This way you both can complete and sign the bill of sale directly from a tablet or smartphone.

Whether you started with a pre-built template or from scratch, Acrobat Sign lets you digitally collect information (including signatures) about the truck’s buyer and seller from nearly any device and location.

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