What RFP software is and why you need it.

RFP software makes it easier to run your business, but what exactly is it? Learn what RFP software is and how it can help you.

When you run a business — big or small — it’s likely that a part of your workday is spent sending out proposals. Whether they’re marketing, business, or other proposals, they’re an invaluable tool in bringing in more work and clients. But as your business grows, managing your proposals gets comparatively more complicated.

And that’s where a good RFP software comes in handy. Read on to learn what RFP software is and how it can make your workday smoother.

What is RFP software?

In a nutshell, a Request for Proposal (RFP) software is a computer program that lets you manage your proposals. If you’re a service provider or a vendor, you’ll use RFP software to respond to RFPs and track proposals. Conversely, as a buyer, RFP software makes it easy for you to request RFPs and respond to them.

But can’t you do that with just a good email client? The answer’s no. To count as an RFP software, a program needs to have certain specific features. It needs to:

Why does my business need RFP software?

The feature list above already explains why a good RFP software is useful. It streamlines your RFP process by allowing you to manage proposals with one program. The tracking feature makes it easy for you to know whether your potential client has read your proposal, to send follow-up emails, and to request them to sign the document. Simply put, it makes work simpler.

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