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Macromedia JRun 4 Documentation
Printable versions of all JRun 4 manuals are available on the JRun CD as part of the complete JRun install. JRun 4 provides online documentation in both HTML and PDF format. Both formats include full-text search functionality, however, the availability of full-text search may be limited, depending on your environment. For more information, please read Using full-text search in JRun 4 online documentation (TechNote #22812). If you download JRun from our online store, you have the option to download printable manuals at the same time. Additionally, you can view JRun documentation in LiveDocs format, which includes user comments and allows you to comment on a page's contents and usefulness. For further assistance, contact customer service.

JRun Release Notes
Read release notes for information on new features, enhancements, fixes, and known issues.

Macromedia JRun 3.1 Documentation
Designing Enterprise Applications with J2EE (Sun Microsystems)
Describes a standard approach to designing multitier enterprise applications with J2EE.

download j2ee_ent_app_design.pdf (PDF, 2.55MB)

JRun Setup Guide
Describes system requirements, installation procedures, and JRun Management Console usage See the Advanced Configuration Guide below for OEM and hosting setup information.

download setup.pdf (PDF, 2.55MB)

JRun Version 3.1 Features and Migration Guide
Describes new features and provides information on migrating existing applications to version 3.1.

download migration.pdf (PDF, 592KB)

Developing Applications with JRun
The complete guide to JRun application development and deployment, including JavaServer pages, servlets, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Also covers JRun Server administration.

download devapp.pdf (PDF, 5.29MB)

Getting Started with JRun Studio
This user guide shows you how to write, compile, debug, test, and deploy applications in JRun's Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

download jrsgetstart1.pdf (PDF, 997KB)

JRun JSP Quick Reference Card
A handy listing of syntax and usage information. Prints in tri-fold format.

download jspqr.pdf (PDF, 74.2KB)

JRun Samples Guide
JRun includes a full suite of samples that show you how to use servlet technologies (servlets, JSP pages, and custom tags) and EJBs. Running these samples and examining the associated source code can help you get started with JRun.

download samples.pdf (PDF, 769KB)

JRun Tag Library Reference
The JRun Tag Library is a collection of custom actions based on the JavaServer Pages 1.1 (JSP) tag extension API.

download taglib.pdf (PDF, 535KB)

JRun Tag Library Quick Reference Card
A companion to the JSP Card, it provides syntax and usage information for the custom actions available in the Tag Library. Prints in tri-fold format.

download taglib_qref.pdf (PDF, 51.4KB)

JRun JDBC Drivers User Guide and Reference
Contains details about the JRun JDBC drivers that ship with the Developer, Advanced, and Enterprise editions of JRun.

download jdbcref.pdf (PDF, 310KB)

JRun 3.1 Advanced Configuration Guide
Supplements the JRun 3.1 Setup Guide. Contains additional information for OEMs and Web site hosting companies.

download ACG.pdf (PDF, .99MB)

The JRun 3.O SP2 documentation is available on the JRun 3.O SP2 Doc Page.


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