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Build unique audience profiles and view them holistically across all business units. The audience management capabilities in Adobe Media Optimizer integrate online and offline data from every imaginable source to deliver a unified view of all your audiences — so you can quickly identify your most valuable customers and deliver targeted messages that inspire them to act.


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Features of audience management

Data integration

Combine information from various online and offline sources, including CRM and site visitor data, partner data, and aggregate data, to create a single set of audience profiles for targeting and optimization.

Profile distribution

Easily submit profiles to any content delivery platform, including demand-side platforms, content management systems, and ad servers.

Look-alike modeling

Use algorithmic models to identify new prospects whose characteristics and behaviors are similar to your most valuable customers, so you can extend the reach of your marketing programs.

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Terra Networks lets customer preferences guide each individual’s online experience.
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Learn how to easily get the right messages to the right customers with Adobe Media Optimizer.
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