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Solution Extensions

Adobe Connect offers an open architecture along with a thriving ecosystem of industry partners to help extend the core capabilities of the Adobe Connect platform. Extension offerings include custom meeting pods, Learning Management System integration, advanced authentication and login functionality, and more.


Custom meeting pods 

Extend your Adobe Connect room's functionality with custom meeting pods. Simply upload the SWF or ZIP file to an empty Share pod.
YouTube Pod by eSyncTraining
YouTube Player
The first YouTube Player that's available for both Adobe Connect Desktop and Mobile.
Closed Captioning
Display real-time captioning from profession captioning services.
E-Signing Pod for Adobe Connect
Enable live document signing with your meetings, powered by Adobe eSign services.
Put the valuation of ideas into the hands of participants and crowdsource ideas and comments.
Social Stream Pod
Stream and participate in social interactivity via Twitter and Instagram within your webinar, meeting or classroom.
MP3 Player
Play music in your Adobe Connect meeting room with the MP3 player extension.
Word Cloud
Visualize your live discussions with colorful Word Clouds.
Countdown Timer
Let meeting participants know exactly how much time remains before your meeting will begin or resume.

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Digital Timer
This timer counts up and tracks the length of your meeting, war room or virtual classroom – even over multiple sessions.
Quiz Connect
Add fun to your meetings with this multiplayer trivia game for Adobe Connect.
Talking Stick
Incorporate multiple video streams from a variety of sources into Adobe Connect with this virtual video mixing console.
Visual collaboration and planning for all attendees. Agile/Kaban style, Cloud-based save/retrieve functions.
Use this extension to randomly select an Adobe Connect meeting participant for a prize or other special distinction.
SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect
Surveys and polls with 11 question types, built-in reporting, CSV downloads and much more.
Add games, quizzes, tests, surveys and more to your Adobe Connect room. Complete with real-time analytics.
Kaltura Video Platform
Kaltura Video Platform
A leader in Video Content Management, Kaltura allows secure video integration with your web meetings.
Participants know how much time remains before meeting will begin and hear your music.
Easy to use and fun ice breaker for a webinar or online meeting lobby layout.
Vantage Point
Manage Connect in ways you never dreamed possible. See 100+ participants on a second monitor.
Connect Roshambo
Settle all of your in-meeting disputes with this game of Roshambo (a.k.a. Rock, Paper, Scissors).
Doorbell Connect
Enable meeting participants to ring a bell when they need service or when they have entered a meeting room.
Hands Up
Increase interaction and fun in every meeting with the tool guaranteed to get users participating.
Extend Adobe Connect with one-rate, toll-free audio conferencing.
Stage Lights
Use this timer during your meetings to help keep presenters from running over their allotted time.
Task List
Create a collaborative agenda or task list in your Adobe Connect meeting room.
PDF Annotation Pod
Load and annotate PDF documents collaboratively. Use mark-up tools and your own custom stamps.
Choose the Mindomo extension, the best collaborative tool for innovative note taking, interactive presentations and effective decision making.
Personify Live Pod
Reinventing online communication.
Star Rating
Enable Adobe Connect meeting participants to easily rate your meetings using a simple five-star rating system.
Footprints Carbon Savings Calculator
Track your carbon footprint, cost and mileage savings generated from using Adobe Connect for your meetings.
Co-navigate maps inside your meetings with annotations.
tecRacer VideoPlayer for FMS
Use this Adobe Connect extension to play live or on-demand video directly from a Flash Media Server.
StreamText Legal Video Deposition Pod
Live legal video deposition and transcription solution for Adobe Connect 8 and beyond.
Odds and Evens
Settle more of your in-meeting disputes with this game of Odds and Evens (also known as Choosies).
Enhanced Chat Pod
This pod brings enhanced chatting features to your Adobe Connect meeting room.
Connect Gravatar
Just click and instantly show your avatar to all participants. Ideal for multiple presenters.
Closed Captioning with Google Translate Logo
Closed Captioning with Google Translate
Allows broadcasting from 52 languages availble on the Google Translate platform.
Anonymous Chat Icon
Anonymous Chat Pod
Enhanced chat pod that allows users to post comments anonymously.

Content solutions


Create engaging eLearning interactions quickly and easily. Choose from more than 180 interaction templates.



Blackboard Integration by eSyncTraining
Blackboard LTI Integration by eSyncTraining

Seamless round-trip LTI integration between Adobe Connect and Blackboard LMS

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Blackboard Learn Integration
InvataCloud fully integrates your Adobe Connect account with your Blackboard Learn account.
Blackboard Integration by MeetingOne
MeetingOne now offers Adobe Connect Integration for Blackboard Learn 9.1.
Brightspace Integration by eSyncTraining
Brightspace LTI Integration by eSyncTraining

Brightspace's online teaching and learning platform now integrates Adobe Connect.

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Canvas integration by eSyncTraining
Canvas LTI Integration by eSyncTraining

Educators have the ability to use Canvas seamlessly with Adobe Connect through LTI integration.

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Some LMS solutions fit like a square peg in a round hole... Not this one.
Connect to Moodle
Enter Adobe Connect meetings, launch Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate presentations, and watch event recordings with single click from inside Moodle.
Moodle LTI Integration by eSyncTraining
Moodle LTI Integration by eSyncTraining

Built for learning, Moodle's personalized learning platform now unites with Adobe Connect through LTI integration.

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Sakai LTI Integration by eSyncTraining
Sakai LTI Integration by eSyncTraining

Further expand the educational experience with integration between Sakai Open Source LMS software and Adobe Connect.

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SAP Enterprise Learning Integration
Conduct virtual learning events using Adobe Connect with this integration with the SAP Enterprise Learning (EL) platform.

Event Management Integration


Connect Your Salesteam
Fully integrate all Adobe Connect events, meetings and training activities with
inteVISTA Go
Take your Adobe Connect learning content mobile with inteVISTA Go.
inteVISTA Sell
Turn your webinar series or learning content into a revenue stream with inteVISTA Sell.
Eloqua Cloud Connector
Imagine the sales enablement power when essential webinar metrics are automatically integrated into your CRM.
Marketo Event Coordinator
Seamlessly integrate Adobe Connect with Marketo campaigns.



MP4 Conversion Service
MP4 Conversion Service with Automated Subtitling

Convert Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 files using eSyncTraining's fully automated conversion system.

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Single Sign On for Connect
Authenticate corporate users using SAML or LDAP servers provide Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter authentication.
Reach the right people within your organization instantly with this real-time, chat-based channel for customers, partners and employees.
ScheduleOne Logo
Schedule, create, and send customized Adobe Connect invitations from Outlook. Access your content and recordings.
Connect Passport
With Connect Passport, enter your Adobe Connect login credentials once and gain single-click access to all meetings and content. Plus search, share and favorite your meeting rooms and content.
Connect Session Monitor
Adobe Connect Session Monitor
Enable admins to monitor live meetings, attendees, and much more.
SSO Icon
Single Sign On (SSO)
Eliminate the need to authenticate your Connect account. Supported systems: Shibboleth, SAML, eLMS, LDAP, CAS