DIY photoshoot props ideas for your next session.

Props are a great way to add variety and intrigue to your photos. Use these photoshoot ideas to take your prop game up a notch.

Photographers use props to enhance a photo’s story or subject. When you introduce props to the background or into your subject’s hands, you get more variety and a better sense of their personality.

Explore these easy DIY photoshoot props ideas to enhance the overall quality of your next session — without breaking the bank.

Enhance your photos with easy background props.

Your photo’s background is just as important as the subject — it provides context, tells a story, and frames your subject. And best of all, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Give these backgrounds a try during your next photoshoot to punch up the final images.

You can also invest in green pasteboard, fabric, or bed linens to turn the background into a green screen. Then check out these expert photography tips and use a photo editing app to add in a fun backdrop later.

Introduce interesting light sources.

String lights, tea candles, glow sticks, and even LED lights can make your photos pop. When you toss in an unexpected source of light, you can achieve stunning photos that are fun for you — and your subject — to shoot.

Add a wide angle lens or wide aperture setting to the mix for even more dramatic portraits. Plus, light props give your subject something to focus on during the shoot which can yield some pretty outstanding candid shots.

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