What is insert editing in video production?

Learn how insert editing can help you easily add new clips to your project, even between other clips.

Insert editing is a way to add clips to a video project without overwriting any other files. It pushes one clip further into the timeline to make room for the new clip.

How to use insert editing in Premiere Pro

Insert editing is easy to do by following a few simple steps:

  • Open your video project using a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Choose a clip you want to push in the Project Panel or Source Monitor.
  • Press Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and drag the chosen clip you to the right spot in the timeline.
  • Release the mouse to insert the clip.

Once you release the mouse click, your clip will be inserted at your chosen destination, pushing back all other clips that aren’t Sync Locked. If you insert a clip into the middle of an existing one, it’ll split the existing clip in two and push the second half forward in the timeline.

Insert editing tips.

It’s important to remember that insert editing will push all the clips in your project forward in the timeline to make room for the insert. If you’re not careful, this could knock your project out of sync, especially if you already added audio or sound effects.

If you want to prevent certain clips from moving during an insert edit, you can use Sync Lock to lock them into position. That way, they won’t move at all — no matter how many insert edits you make.

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