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Learner Engagement

Adobe Captivate Prime

Other LMS

Engaging Learner Interface (Netflix-style UI) with AI-powered recommendation

Adobe Captivate Prime now offers Netflix-style UI which makes it very engaging for users to browse and find relevant content. Adobe Captivate Prime builds recommendations based on a solid mapping of 23K skills and 70K job roles. Based on the learner's area of interest (skills), Adobe Captivate Prime can identify related skills and offer powerful recommendations.

Other LMSs do not present Netflix-style UI, and searching capabilities to find relevant content is very limited.

Fluidic Player™

A unique content playback technology that plays virtually any kind of eLearning content in a seamless and consistent manner without the need to download any plug-ins or apps. This provides an unparalleled learner experience.

The playback experience depends upon the content type.  For e.g., PPTx slides require you to download the file and open it in MS PowerPoint. If it’s a video, it requires you to launch a new browser window and play using a native video player. These are disjointed experiences for the learner and every time a learner leaves the system, the content tracking is also interrupted.

Flat and Modern UI

A sleek, easy and modern user interface that makes it easy for Admins, Managers, Authors and Learners to easily set up learning programs or consume content without the need of any expert know-how.

The user interface and experience of working on these LMSs can often become very non-intuitive and unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes setting up a learning program may require comprehensive training and hand-holding.

Bookmarking & Note-taking

Allows for learners to take notes and bookmark content right within their playback experience so they can jump back to the exact section of the content for revision. The notes are also saved as bookmarks for easy navigation upon revisiting the course.

LMSs that do not provide Bookmarking and Note taking, do not allow for reinforcement of concepts. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve indicates that learners tend to lose almost 90% of what they have learned within a week's time if they do not revise the content.

Mobile Learning

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers its own native app for Tablet & Mobile for iOS and Android. You can also enable Offline Learning which allows learner to download the content to their devices and continue learning even in zero-network connectivity areas and the content auto-synchs to the server when the learner is online again.

It is imperative to take the learning to the learner where she is instead of expecting it to be the other way around. Without offline learning, employees on-the-move will often lose out on learning opportunities in non-network connectivity areas. Not having a mobile app also hinders offering the ideal learning experience on devices.


Positive reinforcement and healthy competition go a long way in driving learner engagement. You can incentivize learning activities through badges, points, levels and a live leaderboard.

LMSs that do not allow for gamification lose out on an opportunity to drive positive reinforcement and a healthy learning culture within the organization.

AI-based Social Learning

With this newly introduced capability, organizations can now enable peer-to-peer informal learning, managed through a formal learning platform. Allow expert learners to share their knowledge on Discussion Boards, aligned to specific skills. They can bring in any form of content, including user-generated content. They can use the nifty browser add-in to post content directly to the LMS from any browser tab. You can set your content approval process to "automated", "manually curated" or "no curation required". 

The Automated Content Curation workflow is powered by Adobe Sensei.

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Learners like learning from peers in an informal manner, in quick and short formats. Allowing internal employees or even partners and customers to have discussions among themselves is a highly powerful way of  engaging learners. Allowing them to create original video/audio based content (e.g., with the Captivate Prime Desktop App for UGC) is a strong attraction for millennials in the workforce, sales employees, or in general partners/vendors who are keen to share their expertise and learn from each other.

Power & Flexibility of the LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime

Other LMS

Course Efficiency Ratings

This is a smart rating that is calculated based on various parameters such that it helps authors to understand why a course is not working out well. It gives granular feedback on whether the course is serving its purpose.

Other LMSs do not have any equivalent feature.


Adobe Captivate Prime offers a very flexible architecture of multiple accounts that can be linked to each other in a peer to peer fashion with Content, Reporting and Licensing sharing across them that allows an organization to share common training objectives yet offer independent control to sub-organization.

LMSs in the category offer a very traditional hierarchical system of multitenancy. This makes it very complex to manage and keep track of. Adobe Captivate Prime has innovated in this space by offering a peer to peer multi-tenancy that easily allows for license sharing, content sharing and report sharing

Skill Based Training

Adobe Captivate Prime is built on the philosophy of skills. You can set up skills based on business goals and configure them accordingly for different learner groups. The platform allows you all the power and flexibility to track and report against a variety of skills and skill-levels for your learners.

For any organization the key to remain competitive is to be able to react to change quickly and upskill and reskill their workforce based on the changing times. LMSs that do not allow business objectives to be mapped to skill gaps and thereby, the required training objectives, will likely not help in transforming organizations.

Learning Plans for Training Automation

Adobe Captivate Prime allows automatic enrolment of learners to courses based on certain professional triggers, such as a new hire, promotion, job, location change and others. This allows Admins to automate their training for learners keeping an organization that is always proactively addressing training needs.

LMSs that do not offer automated training plans will always need manual intervention by training managers, thereby opening up process gaps and resulting in a drop in learner enrolment rates.

Job Aids

You can provide useful bits of information to your learners in the form of helpful content which they can access while in the midst of doing their jobs. Learners can easily access these job aids on any device without having to enrol to the training again.

LMSs that do not offer access to useful help documents, such as checklists, small summary videos, quick read pdf docs tend to lose out on opportunities to build learner retention. Some LMSs that do offer these, may require learners to enroll to the training again - making it an unpleasant experience.


Choose to broadcast a quarterly message from your executives to all or a subset of your learners, or provide a pre course message to any learner signed up for a particular course. Adobe Captivate Prime gives you this unique ability to reach out to your learners with a rich media message.

Without timely announcements and notifications, learners may miss their course enrollment or completion deadlines thereby falling behind on training needs.

LMS as an LCMS (Learner Content Management Systems)

Adobe Captivate Prime allows you the ability to load content once and reuse it across courses. You can modify and refresh content and create new versions and share content with authors.

Other LMSs that do not offer a Learning Content Management Service increases the time to go live and needs manual intervention every time a piece of training content needs to be refreshed or made up to date. Authors lose productivity if they are unable to share, refresh and reuse content on the go.

LMS as an LRS (Learning Record Store)

Adobe Captivate Prime uses xAPI integration to integrate with other third party apps and the LRS can store interactions on external systems as learning records.

LMSs that do not offer this feature have no way to record or report on interactions that happen on other third party systems, making it difficult to prove the impact of learning.

Integrations with Other Apps

Adobe Captivate Prime offers an API based integration mechanism that allows you to integrate the LMS with other enterprise apps such as SFDC, Slack, LinkedIn Learning, Sharepoint etc. and enhance interoperability between systems. Take advantage of the "headless LMS" capabilities, by which you can embed the Fluidic Player software in other apps to offer a native learning experience.

LMSs that do not offer ease of integration fail in enterprise setups, where the LMS needs to read data from and post content to other systems. Without these integrations learners will be unable to access other third-party content (such as, Harvard Mentor, Grovo) within the LMS. Not having the "headless LMS" or embeddable player capability will discourage posting learning content to corporate intranet sites or SFDC.

Security, Scalability and Reliability

Adobe Captivate Prime

Other LMS


With a wizard interface that allows an admin to create his own dashboards as well as the ability to download a complete record of all the training activity conducted on the platform, Adobe Captivate Prime provides depth as well as breadth in reporting for completion records, quiz scores etc. User groups can be created automatically based on data from HR systems and reporting can be generated for such groups. Scheduling of reports at periodic intervals can be done.

Other LMSs in the market do have a reporting module, which is comparable to Adobe Captivate Prime. But it seems a little difficult to use. Especially if you are looking at things like Quiz reports for SCORM objects.


Adobe Captivate Prime offers an industry-leading set of tools, managed independently through a dedicated role of an Integration Admin that helps an org to seamlessly transfer Content as well as Training records from an Older LMS to Adobe Captivate Prime.

The ease with which an administrator can self-drive the migration process through a dedicated user interface within Adobe Captivate Prime is unmatched by any other LMS.

Scalability and Availability

Adobe Captivate Prime is certified for ISO 27001, SOC 2 and is FERPA ready and GLBA ready. A dedicated network monitoring system driven by a 24x7 ops team watches over the system with alerts that go directly to the engineering team. Data in Adobe Captivate Prime is encrypted at rest and during transit as well. Adobe Captivate Prime uses SHA 256 for encryption HTTPS for all connections.

Other LMSs claim to have SOC 2 compliance but publish only a Type I report, unlike Adobe Captivate Prime which publishes a Type II report. A Type I report is just based on management commentary and is a "point-in-time" report.

World Class Content Delivery Infrastructure

Adobe Captivate Prime uses Brightcove streaming server for adaptive streaming of videos resulting in a virtually zero-lag experience. Captivate Prime also uses Akamai CDNs with thousands of servers around the world so that content is delivered from servers that are co-located where your learners are ensuring the quickest delivery of content. These are the distinct advantages you get when you invest in a leading technology brand like Adobe.

LMSs that do not use streaming servers for video transcoding, run the risk of delivering videos to learners that buffer in low bandwidth connections. Not having a CDN also results in slow loading of content - all of which contribute to a sub-par learning experience.

HTML5 Conversion of Content

Adobe Captivate Prime converts all forms of content to a standard HTML5 format that allows for easy rendering on the Fluidic Player software in a consistent video-like playback experience. This conversion also ensures that all kinds of content is tracked with a high level of granularity - including percentage of content viewed.

LMSs that do not offer automatic conversion of content to HTML5, require authors to manually do the conversion, leading to loss in productivity.  Without converting the content to a SCORM or AICC package takes away the ability to track the content comprehensively.

Adobe Family of Offerings

Take advantage of seamless integration amongst the suite of products from Adobe that are established leaders in the Digital Learning space such as Adobe Captivate the global leader in eLearning design and Adobe Connect, one of the leading solutions for Virtual Classrooms.

No other LMS can offer in-product integration from within Adobe Captivate for single-click publishing to Captivate Prime or directly integrate virtual classrooms in Adobe Connect, and mark attendance, from within the LMS.

Customer Success Management

With Adobe Captivate Prime, every enterprise customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager as a single point of contact. A 24x7 voice support line and chat support along with an online help center, ensure that a customer is never lacking help with anything. Furthermore, all of these services come standard with the contract. There are additional value added services that are available on-demand.

Other enterprise LMSs may offer various levels of customer service, but it is often made available as a separate pricing line item, unlike in Adobe Captivate Prime.

*This comparison is based on publicly available information for a group of popular enterprise LMSs. The information here is indicative and should be used according to the user's discretion, given SaaS products are updated frequently.


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