Why your project proposal should have a signature page.

Convince your potential clients to say yes with a powerful yet easy to use project proposal signature page.

It takes time and effort to craft the perfect proposal. From researching a particular company’s situation to outlining how your approach will best solve their problem is already a lot to consider. But before you hit send on the proposal, there’s one more element you should consider including in your document to help seal the deal. Let’s dive into that now.

Finish strong with a proposal signature page.

While proposal styles will vary within niches and industries, most modern business proposals have a similar flow of elements. These elements include:

  1. Information about you or your company — where you share your background and qualifications and explain why you’re the best person or company for the job.
  2. Problem statement — where you show that you’ve researched their company, understand their problems, and can present a solution.
  3. Methodology and pricing — where you outline how you’ll solve the problem, your projected timeline for completion, and the cost of your services.

Fewer proposals, however, include an important fourth element — the signature page. If your proposal is already strong, including an easy place to accept may be just enough to help convince the client to ditch the others and sign on your dotted line. In fact, one study found that 65% of proposals containing a signature block close within 24 hours. It’s a polished and straightforward step that could go a long way in winning clients and growing your business.

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