Creativity and AI: Unlocking
Student Success and Preparing
Students for the Future.

Preparing graduates for a digital-first world.

Meet the needs of a changing higher education landscape.

As reported in Authentic Assessment in Higher Education and the Role of Digital Creative Technologies from Times Higher Education and Adobe, the initial anxiety around generative AI is giving way to a more nuanced understanding of this new technology. Both students and faculty are realizing that AI is transformative, and that it will impact everything from the way that faculty assess academic work to students’ employability post-graduation.

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Fostering creativity and cultivating skills for the future.

As we transition into this AI-augmented age, institutions need to revolutionise education across disciplines. Empowering both students and faculty by equipping graduates with digital fluency is a must have in today’s workplace. 

An optimal setting for creative autonomy.

Embedding Adobe tools across your curriculum can help your students develop crucial future skills. This can be in the form of introducing authentic learning and assessment, increasing student and faculty confidence, catalysing curriculum transformation, and leveraging the opportunities offered by interdisciplinary approaches.

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"Adobe is rightly recognised as an industry leader and its software is used worldwide across multiple industries. By giving all of our students access to its suite of apps, as well as providing them with support and training, we are ensuring that Teesside graduates are fully equipped to make a real difference in the 21st-century workplace."

- Professor Mark Simpson, Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

"We can start to integrate the use of Adobe Creative Cloud into the curriculum, without our academic staff needing to do too much… moving away from essays and moving towards  blogs, infographics… the assessment is much more creative, and much more meaningful to our students.”

- Rachael Johnson, CIO Bath Spa University

“Three-quarters of Aston University students have work-based learning within their course of studies and we know digital literacy is a vital part of modern work. Our partnership with Adobe allows us to push forward joint activity with leading employers, allowing us far greater scope to connect live projects between campus and commerce and allowing all our students to experience a 21st century work environment unbounded by place. We know that the flexibility offered by our Adobe partnership, and the skills students will now deploy, will encourage robust and profoundly collaborative work with a wide range of employers.”

- Professor Osama Khan, incoming Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic at Aston University 

Creative Campus institutions.

Adobe Express and Creative Cloud across the curriculum. 

Innovations in technology and digital communications mean that both curriculum needs and students’ goals have changed. Assignments that meet learning requirements while allowing students to effectively communicate their knowledge are essential.

Adobe has long been on a mission to help institutions ensure student succeed by increasing student engagement, enabling career readiness and driving digital transformation for institutional success.

Digital fluency and access.

Ensure all students have ethical, equal and safe access to generative AI tools with multi-modal formats, assets and media types powered by Adobe’s industry leading tools, presented in an easy-to-use web and mobile interface.

Student engagement.

Promote genuine assessment, utilize digital storytelling and generative AI. Enhance engagement, facilitating connections between faculty and students — irrespective of their location, time, or device.

Bridging education and industry.

Build a robust bridge to the professional world — all based on the skills your students’ future employers are actively seeking. 

Adobe Express.

Adobe Express for Higher Education helps build the foundation for students to learn these digital skills. Adobe Express for Higher Education enables students and teachers to easily create impactful visual stories such as infographics, webpages, videos, and reports, igniting creativity and learning. Adobe Express includes generative AI features powered by Adobe Firely. Adobe Firefly is designed to be safe for commercial use.

Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud provides ongoing access to professional creative tools used throughout the modern workplace. Creative Cloud for enterprise include favourites like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, XD, and Acrobat as well as Adobe Photoshop on the iPad. Use Adobe Fresco for drawing and painting, Adobe Aero for designing interactive experiences in augmented reality as well as Adobe Substance 3D apps.

See how students bring coursework to life with Adobe

Whether your students are creating animations to demonstrate scientific concepts, or videos to deliver critical responses to literature, they’ll become powerful storytellers with Adobe Express and Creative Cloud.

For inspiration, browse the best student projects from The Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2023. Hear how Creative Cloud helped give the finalists a prize-winning edge.

Sammy R.


Sammy R. | Graphic Communication & Illustration

Sammy’s project addresses the under-representation of women in esports through community tournaments and empowerment. 



Ashok T. & Nabhya P. | Interaction Design

Ashok and Nabhya’s project is a generative music streaming platform developed during their first semester at California College of the Arts.

Aflie M.


Alfie M. | Design Engineering

Alfie’s project is a wearable biodegradable hydrogel patch that raises awareness of air quality. It features a bacterial-based biosensor and Bluetooth connectivity to detect and alert users to high pollution areas.



Crizio S. | Digital Marketing

Crizio’s project was created for an Advertising and Promotion class. The assignment involved developing an ad campaign for a patented and unconventional product idea.



Keshawna F. | Occupational Therapy

Keshawna’s project is a reflection on her experience as a step-parent. Through a video presentation, she explores the emotional vulnerability, advocacy, and self-actualization that come with fulfilling this role.

Partheepan J.


Partheepan J. | Digital Marketing

Partheepan created a digital marketing project for Teesside University Football Academy. His strategy aimed to raise awareness and attract local students through a trial session led by a Middlesbrough Football Club player.

Layla C.


Layla C. | Textile Design

As a designer who reimagines traditional images into colorful textiles, Layla C. is excited that her Digital Edge Award will help her get her work out into the world.

Kiran S.


Kiran S. | Design Engineering

Cool ideas aren’t enough, says engineering student Kiran S. To make them travel further, you need the ability to explain your ideas to non-technical audiences.

Sarah B.


Sarah B. | Architecture

As a visual learner with passions for design, architecture, and giving back to her community, Sarah B. relies on the power of Adobe Photoshop.

Saahia M.


Saahia M. | English

A passionate storyteller, Saahia M. loves using Creative Cloud to express herself, package her work in beautiful ways, and show the world what she can do.

Lauren C.


Lauren C. | Health

Lauren’s project focuses on air pollution in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. 

The Creative Campus programme brings together universities from around the world that are teaching creative and digital communication skills to students from all disciplines, enabling them to thrive in the modern workplace.

This growing community is sharing ideas and best practices through a programme that recognises, facilitates and supports them as they drive innovation.

Institution driving student success

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Career readiness for students

Adobe Faculty Development Institute workshops

Collaboration with several innovative institutions

The latest from Adobe Education. 

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Digital Edge Awards
By Adobe

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Whatever you’re studying, show how you took your project from standard to standout using Adobe tools like Adobe Express, Photoshop or Illustrator. Enter until 31 May for a chance to win prizes of up to £7,000.

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