How to lead and manage a hybrid team.

Explore new ways to effectively manage and lead your hybrid team to success.

A hybrid team is a great boon to any company — but leading that team can often come with its own challenges. From time management and communication to remote training and collaboration, managing and leading hybrid teams isn’t always easy.

Luckily, you can learn how to manage a hybrid team more efficiently than ever with a few tweaks.

Why good hybrid team management matters.

The art of leading and managing a hybrid team isn’t just about steering the team toward business success (though that’s definitely part of it).

How you lead and manage your team matters because it directly impacts your employees’ well-being, their satisfaction, how they work together, their overall success, and more.

Four tips for successful hybrid team management.

  1. The right technology helps: Implement social technology that can facilitate better communication so no team member gets left behind.
  2. Treat your remote workers and in-office workers equally: It might be tempting to turn to your local workers more often since they’re near you but remember to treat your entire team fairly and based on their abilities (not location).
  3. Focus on collaboration and bonding: It’s easy to forget the importance of team bonding when you’re running a hybrid team, but collaboration and connection are more important than ever. Set up events, regular meetings, and fun activities for your entire team to participate in.
  4. Build — and foster — strong communication: Don’t just tell your team communication is important, be a shining example of this. You can develop clear lines of communication over time, but an emphasis on regular communication can begin from the start.

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