Make helpful business budget templates.

Discover how you can keep your small business’ finances organized when you create a budget template.

Running a small business can be challenging all around, but one of the most difficult challenges is often managing your business’ finances. It can quickly get overwhelming with cash flow, payroll, business taxes, and expenses to track. That’s why creating and managing a budget template for your small business can be so crucial to its success.

How to create a small business budget template.

Before creating a budget for your business, you first need to build a template that organizes your income and expenses. This will allow you to meticulously track where money is coming in and going out and quickly identify areas of overspending or unpaid debts.

To create a small business budget template, identify your income sources and their projected amounts.

Some examples of income are:

Next, be sure to include your estimated applicable taxes, such as:

Lastly, take account of all your expenses, from labor to supplies. Typical business expenses include:

Your actual expenses will vary based on your business type, but this is an excellent jumping-off point to creating your own free small business budget template. And if it gets tricky, just remember that keeping expenses organized will help you ensure that your business can grow on a solid financial foundation.

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