Choosing the best lens for newborn photography.

How to select the best lenses to use when photographing newborns.

Newborn photography can be one of the most rewarding, and challenging, forms of photography. Because you are creating keepsakes that families will cherish for a lifetime, you want to make them as perfect as possible.

Here are some of the best lenses you can use in your next newborn photoshoot.

The best lenses for newborn photography.

In any newborn photography toolkit, you’ll want a variety of wide, medium, and telephoto lenses to capture all the precious details of your tiny subjects. Here are our recommendations for lenses that are perfect for newborn photography:

A 50mm lens with a low f stop: This standard lens is perfect for any newborn shoot because it has minimal distortion and can be used for a wide variety of shot compositions. Choosing one with a wide aperture (lower than f/3.5) enables you to shoot in nearly any light and capture a beautifully shallow depth of field for a dream-like effect.

A macro lens: Macro lenses take your newborn photography to the next level by enabling you to zoom in on little toes and fingers and capture even the tiniest details. Choosing a longer macro lens, like a 100mm, will also enable you to capture these details from a distance without disturbing your sleeping or playing subject.

A telephoto “portrait lens”: Telephoto lenses are perfect for portrait work because they provide nice compression of the subject’s face and make background elements appear closer. Choosing a telephoto lens around 85mm with a low f stop can yield beautiful portraits with stunning bokeh.

No matter which lens you choose, the best lens is the one that gives you the results you want in each and every one of your newborn photoshoots.

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