How to start video editing for beginners.

Get started on editing stellar videos. Learn how to plan your video and work through the editing process with this simple guide.

You should always edit your videos before uploading them to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Video editing might seem difficult but, once you know the basics, it’s easy and fun. Here are some handy tips to get you started on basic video editing.

Organize your content.

A large content library gets messy very quickly. Make sure all your video, audio, and picture files are clearly named. It’s a good idea to make separate folders for each project, or even each shooting session.

Plan your video.

Before you start editing, create a solid plan for what you want your video to look and sound like. Consider what your audience wants to see. You also need to tailor your video to suit your target platform — for example, Instagram videos should be short and easy to watch on a small phone screen.

Create a rough cut.

Use a video editing software program, like Adobe Premiere Rush, to create a rough version of your video. Add all your content elements to your project and drop them to the timeline. Arrange and trim your footage to create a draft video. Watch the whole thing at this point to make sure it all looks about right.

Polish your video.

This is where the fun starts. Start refining your footage by adding audio and visual effects, cutting and trimming content for good pacing, and adding transitions and titles. Experiment to learn the ins and outs of basic video editing, and then you can surprise yourself with unexpected results.

Premiere Rush has a complete set of simple tools to make your videos shine. You can easily add animated text and effects, edit audio, and upload your video to social media straight from the app.

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