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We are committed to continue delivering value to our customers ensuring that
the global Adobe Connect service remains as reliable as possible in serving our clients in these difficult times. Read more ›
Learn How Adobe Connect can help Enterprises with Business Continuity, Governments with Rapid Response and Schools with Virtual Classrooms in current Public Heath Emergency situation.
Frequently Asked Questions
Free 90-day Access
I just signed up for Free 90-day trial but didn’t get any confirmation email?
  • Your confirmation email should have your account domain and login information. If you haven't received it within 24hours of signing-up please contact support and we should be able to help you.  

Where can I find a quick start guide to get going with my free 90-day access account?
Can I expand my trial account capacity to accommodate more than 25 participants?
  • We may be able to help you depending on your use case. Please contact us at

How can I purchase my current Adobe Connect Free 90-day access account?
  • Please refer to Purchase & Pricing FAQs below

Where can I find an overview of Connect Solutions –Meetings, Webinars and Virtual Classrooms?
What is the difference between Adobe Connect Meetings, Webinars and Training Solutions?
  • Adobe Connect Webinar and Trainings give you access to everything that comes with Meetings plus ‘Events module’ to allow participant registration and higher capacity up to 1500 participants.  You can access the detailed feature comparison in this Buying Guide.
Where can I learn more about Adobe Connect Features and Functionality?
  • This collection of tutorials  should serve as a good learning resource as you start using Adobe Connect like a Pro. 

How can I learn about the features and functionality Meeting rooms, Training rooms and Virtual Classrooms?

How may sessions can I run with singlehost trial license?
  • Meeting Hosts can create unlimited meeting rooms and run unlimited sessions. But they can only have 1 session running at a time.


Purchase & Pricing

I wish topurchase Adobe Connect where can I find pricing?
  • For 4 or more licenses, contact Us at or call at 800-685-3644
  • For less than 4 licenses visit our online buying portal for monthly or yearly subscription options and get started today 
How many hostlicenses can I purchase online?
  • You can purchase up to 4 licenses as monthlyor yearly subscription by visiting our online buying portal

Where can seevarious configuration options available to purchase.