JRun from Adobe FAQ

After careful consideration and analysis of both the server marketplace and customer feedback, Adobe discontinues new feature development for Adobe® JRun™ software on September 1st, 2009, the fast, affordable and reliable J2EE compatible application server. Adobe will also stop selling Adobe® JRun™ software after April 2013.

Will Adobe continue to sell JRun?
JRun licenses will continue to be available for purchase from Adobe only until April 30, 2013.
Will there be any future updates to JRun?
Currently, there are no new releases of JRun planned. Adobe released Updater 7 in the second half of 2007. The update is free to current JRun customers.
What features are included in Updater 7?
Adobe included support for Microsoft® Windows Vista™, support for Intel® based Macintosh computers, support for Solaris™ 64-bit, and support for IIS7 in Updater 7.
Will Adobe ColdFusion® continue to bundle JRun as the embedded application server?
No. Adobe ColdFusion 9 software was bundled with JRun as the embedded application server, including Updater 7 features upon release. For details, see the ColdFusion TechNote. Adobe ColdFusion 10 software is now bundled with Apache Tomcat and not JRun
Will there be any active JRun maintenance development in the future?
Adobe plans to stop maintaining JRun after Nov 2014. Adobe will continue to fulfill its obligations under existing maintenance contracts through the term of such contracts; however, no other development is planned for JRun.
Will Adobe continue to support JRun?
Yes. Adobe will continue to honor all existing support commitments. However, we will no longer sell new contracts.

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