Adobe Connect for virtual trainings

Transformative virtual trainings for better business outcomes.

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Why Adobe Connect for virtual trainings?

Engaging virtual training

Engage “Switched off” learners

Deliver rich and engaging learning experiences.


Virtual instructor efficiency

Improve instructor efficiency

Enable pre-work and orchestration with reusable persistent virtual rooms.

Scalable virtual training

Scale high quality trainings

Share best practices as virtual training templates to build learning programs at scale.

Virtual learning reports

Measure and report training impact

Get actionable insights and reports on learning impact in live sessions.


Drive, measure, and report training impact

Boost participation, improve in-session learner interactions, and quantify training effectiveness using real time engagement metrics and dashboards.

Powering virtually every high impact enterprise use case

Sales partner virtual training

Sales, Partners & Franchisee Training

Accelerate sales & partner time to revenue by enabling them with impactful learning.

Virtual customer training

Customer education

Improve customer time to value by driving Product adoption, customer engagement, and retention.

Employee skilling and training

Employee skilling & compliance

Empower workforce excellence by upskilling and leadership development.

Hear from our customers

Hear from us

"Students get the learning benefits of in-person classrooms virtually

A lot of conferencing solutions aren’t really focused on building personal relationships, but Adobe Connect gives us so many ways that we can connect with students one-on-one."


- Kelly Powers

Math Department Chair, Kolbe Academy

Hear from us

"Made eLearning accessible to over 300,000 members

Five years ago, we had a small Learning Management System that delivered asynchronous content. Today, we can adapt our content & training in line with our members’ fast-changing environments, ensuring every Marine has the resources they need to reach their elite potential."


- Larry Smith

Director of Educational Technology, United States Marine Corps (USMC) Department of the Navy

Hear from us

"Managing the nation’s top fisheries

Our Council meetings are open to public and interactive, so our platform needs to be as easy & inclusive as possible."


- Maria Davis

Communications/IT Specialist, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

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