Here’s how to start a food photography business

Turn your food photography passion into a lucrative business with these steps.

Know the costs of starting your business

All businesses require a budget to get started. Understand your startup costs so you can better gauge how much money you’ll need to kickstart your venture.

Food photography businesses typically require you to invest in:

Create your portfolio

A professional, high-quality portfolio is your gateway to building a client base. People need to see what you’re capable of before hiring you as a food photographer. And an online portfolio showcases your best work.

Make your portfolio relevant by learning new photography skills. Small touches like using different lenses or taking a creative approach to angles can show potential clients that you’re a pro in your field.

Register your business legally

Any legitimate business must be legally established. Do your research on all the requirements your business needs to get started in your city, state, or country. Remember, you’ll have to officially register your business before you start taking on clients.

Get the word out about your food photography services

Marketing is another indispensable tool all business owners should invest in. Get your name out and secure potential clients by marketing your services with:

Maintain a network

Once your business is up and running and you have a solid clientele, keep those connections going. Reach out to former clients and ask if they can refer you to other companies that need your services. Referrals are one of the most failproof ways to get new clients!

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