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Artificial intelligence is changing the way business works. And Adobe Sensei is leading the way, powering creativity, workflows, and digital marketing — making each customer experience more amazing and more personal.

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Adobe Sensei is AI and machine learning for customer experiences.

Today, Adobe Sensei powers dozens of features across Adobe products. And we have many more innovations on the way.

In Adobe Creative Cloud

More customers on more channels means there’s an increased demand to deliver content faster.  In Adobe Creative Cloud, the AI of Adobe Sensei helps you go from concept to completion faster, whether it’s finding the right image, creating the perfect composite, or editing video transitions.


Faster Search
With intuitive search features in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Adobe Sensei uses deep learning to help you quickly find just the right asset for projects.

Timesaving Creation
Adobe Sensei handles time-consuming tasks, like understanding audio types in Adobe Premiere Rush, selecting subjects in Photoshop in a single click, making edits in Lightroom, and much more.

Amazing Effects
Instantly align and light your 3D scene to match a background image in Dimension, modify objects organically in Illustrator, and stylize puppets in Character Animator.

In Adobe Creative Cloud
In Adobe Experience Cloud

In Adobe Experience Cloud

Customers’ wants and needs evolve quickly. Within Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Sensei’s machine learning crunches the numbers, helps you see how your customers behave, uses those insights to serve relevant and personalized experiences, and anticipates what they’ll want next. You’ll discover new look-alike audiences to approach and use predictive modeling to help you make better decisions.


Predictive Analytics
With features like anomaly detection, contribution analysis, and segment compare, Adobe Sensei acts as your 24/7 analyst, alerting you to what matters no matter where you are.

Manage and Personalize
Adobe Sensei adds metadata to assets, recommends offers, and generates shorter copy versions for different channels. So you can deliver exactly what customers want.

Optimize  Ad Spend

Optimize Ad Spend
With predictive forecasting tools in Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Sensei delivers intelligent insights that help you maximize your ad spend.

In Adobe Document Cloud

Imagine documents and forms that are easier for you to manage and for your customers to use. Within Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Sensei transforms paper into editable digital documents, automates the use of the right fonts, creates form fields, and cleans up signatures.


Quick Form Filling
Form field recognition detects form field candidates based on analyzing the document, attributes, and relative placement of those attributes on a form.

Clean Documents and Boundaries
When you take a picture of a document, Adobe Scan can detect boundaries, auto-clean, and remove shadows to improve appearance and text quality in that document.

Locate Documents
Adobe Scan Show Only Documents makes it easy for you to identify and select document images from your photo library, so you can quickly convert them into PDFs.

In Adobe Document Cloud

Amplify human ability with Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to experiences — deepening insights, enhancing creative expression, accelerating tasks and workflows, and driving real-time decisions. Adobe Sensei, the AI and machine learning technology in Adobe Experience Platform, amplifies your ability to create and deliver personalized experiences that anticipate what customers want.

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Customer Stories


Sky UK

Sky UK delivers actionable intelligence with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Experience Cloud, which they use to anticipate customer needs.



Swisscom creates deeper levels of customer experience with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager.


Dentsu Aegis

Dentsu Aegis quickly produced a wide range of digital content with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Stock to significantly speed up workflows.

Adobe Sensei provides intelligence for Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer for Adobe Experience Platform. By automating mundane or repetitive tasks and understanding and predicting customer data, Adobe Sensei provides experience intelligence services that enhance your ability through Adobe Experience Platform to power real-time, personalized customer experiences. And Adobe Sensei services will deliver more content and experience intelligence.