Q: What is the online certification program for Adobe Captivate?
The Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe Captivate (ACP: Adobe Captivate) certification program is now available online. Participants can now access the course and get certified remotely. They can also enjoy the flexibility of scheduling the assessment test on any date of their choosing. 

Q: How is the online certification different from the face-to-face onsite workshops?
The online certification program consists of the same pre-work online video-based curriculum and assessment test. However, the online certification does not include the one-day, onsite workshop which is included in the face-to-face training, where an instructor provides a recap of the online curriculum followed by a mandatory assessment at the end of the program day. 

Q: What is virtual instructor-led training? How is it different from live workshops in different cities?
We have now introduced a new training format in the Adobe Certified Professional : Adobe Captivate certification program, in addition to the face-to-face training workshops in different cities. The face-to-face workshops are 1-day instructor-led sessions followed by the assessment exam on the same day. The virtual instructor-led training sessions are for 2 days, which enable you to:
a. Enjoy the convenience of remote access to live training. Just like in face-to-face classroom trainings, an instructor will provide a complete review of the online curriculum, giving you hands-on experience of Adobe Captivate. This helps you prepare better for the assessment.
b. Have the flexibility to schedule the assessment exam online, on a date of your convenience.
*Please note that our website currently does not mention the classroom face-to-face training offering because in 2020, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will not be able to organize a classroom training.

Q: Can we get Adobe Captivate training without writing an exam?
Yes you can. You may register for the “Training only” offering which consists of the 2-day virtual instructor-led training, but doesn’t include the exam. Get access to the pre-work online curriculum. You can study the online curriculum yourself and then attend the virtual training for hands-on experience on Adobe Captivate. You can choose to not take the assessment test for certification.
Q: What is the duration of virtual training?
The virtual training is held for 2 consecutive days. Usually these trainings will be scheduled either once or twice a month. The available training slots can be booked during registration. On each of the two days, the training will be scheduled for 8 hours (example 10AM to 6PM Pacific time). However, there will be multiple breaks in between and the actual training session durations will add up to 6 hours on each day.
Q: Can I register for “Training only” first and then switch to 'Virtual training + Certification'?
Yes you may switch from 'Training only' to 'Virtual training + Certification' program. In order to do so, please contact us at ACPCaptivate@adobe.com and ACPCaptivate@Carahsoft.com

Q: Is the value of certification of online vs. live workshops same?
The online curriculum and assessment test are the same for all the offerings under ACP: Adobe Captivate. Therefore, the value of certification is the same. However, the table below gives full details of the comparison of the offerings:
  Certification only Virtual training + Certification Training only
Online curriculum
  Assessment exam Online Online X
  Instructor-led training X Remote/Virtual for 2 days Remote/Virtual for 2 days
  Certificate + Badge X
  Price $499* $999 $799

Q: Is Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe Captivate offered worldwide?
ACP: Adobe Captivate program is offered online, as well as with live workshops. Currently both these formats of the program are offered in North America. People from all over the world can register for the online certification (‘Certification only’ offering) as long as they can pay online in USD currency. The ‘Virtual training + Certification’ and ‘Training only’ offerings are available in North America and EMEA.

Q: Are credit cards accepted worldwide?
Credit card payments are accepted in North America. For online ACP: Adobe Captivate program ‘Certification only’ offering, we accept credit card payments from across the world, as long as they can pay in US dollars currency.

Q: In which languages are course materials available?
Our course materials are available in English. 

Q: How can I request dedicated training for >10 participants in my organization?
Please feel free to contact us at ACPCaptivate@adobe.com

Q: How can I contact you?
You can reach out to us at ACPCaptivate@adobe.com or ACPCaptivate@Carahsoft.com

Q: Is there any education discount for training or certification?
Yes. We do have a discount for students, teachers and educators. Below are the details.
Program Offering Standard Price Education Discount
Certification only
$499* $299 (60% off)
Virtual training + certification $999 $699 (30% off)
Virtual training only $799 $499 (37% off)

To register, please contact us at